I have now successfully migrated one of our netware 5.1 servers to 6.5, and
whilst there where some hickups, mostly to do with backup exec, the new
server is now up and running ok. (this server is Template)

So I want to continue with the next migration (of server Cell) but have the
following questions :-

1) We use NDPS prinitng, and for some reason lost in the mists of time, a
previous admin, moved the NDPS manager, from Cell to Template, but left the
broker and the database of drivers etc on Cell, is there a way that I can
move this (the broker) to Template before I do the migration, as this would
be one less thing to possibly go wrong.

2) We use DSCat.nlm to do contextless logins, is there a version of this for
6.5, as it does not seem to be installed on either of the 6.5 servers.
Alternatly is there a simple way of migrating this function off DScat, that
does not involve reconfiguring 350 odd workstations ?