I have a NW5.1Sp8 server with DS8.85C (in a tree by itself) whose hardware
needs to be replaced and OS needs to be upgraded to OES SP2. However, I
also need to merge the tree where this lone server is into another
production tree with four Netware OES's with SP2 so my questions are:
1.-Should I do a hardware migration first using the migration wizard to
move the 5.1 server to the new hardware with Netare OES installed and then
merge the trees. or 2.-Should I install Netware OES on the new hardware
into the final tree and then use the consolidation utility 4.11 to move
the files and users from the NW5.1 server into the new server?

The later option seems the easiest to me for it does not involve the extra
step of merging trees; however, this is my first time using the migration
wizard and/or server consolidation tool so I don't know the limitations
that these utilities have.

Any help, comments or suggestions that you may have will be greatly

Many Thanks,