This network has been around for quite a few versions of ZFD & other
software that extends eDIRs schema. I want to clean up the tree from many
outdated schema extensions.

I have never migrated or consolidated Netware servers before. I haven't
seen how to do this after reading the Novell Server Consolidation and
Migration Toolkit documentation. Searching the web didn't get me any
closer, so I figured it's time to ask here.

I have 3 NW 6.0 servers on older hardware that I want to consolidate into
one new server. (I know, I know, but I'm a one man IT department & this
would be much easier to manage & backup.) The new hardware will easily
handle the load.

This is what I thought I would do:
1) Install the new server into a new Tree.
2) Copy the Users & Passwords to the new tree.
3) Run the Consolidation tool to copy our data from the old servers to the
new server.
4) Move GroupWise to the new server.
4) Install the newest version of ZFD.

Two things I haven't figured out how to do.
1) How to copy the Users & Passwords to the new Tree.
2) How to change the Tree in the workstation clients without going to each
workstation. (not necessary but much better.)

We have IDM 3x (not installed) but I hoped I could do the
migration/consolidation before installing/learning IDM.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I've learned a lot just reading the posts
in these groups.

Daniel Blake
Milford Central School