AFAIK there is no boot DVD image for NW6.5.5 installation available, right? It
would be convenient to have such a DVD so that no CD changing would be necessary
during such installations, that cannot be done from a remote installation source
(for any reasons making that necessary).

So I just tried to create a "NW6.5.5 OS + Products" *DVD* that should be bootable
(just like the NW655 OS CDROM is)

I used BBIE.EXE to extract the boot image, which is 2kB in size, BBIE reports the
boot type= "no emulation".

Using NERO I wanted to create a bootable *DVD*, pointing to that 2kB
boot image file, specifying in the tagged "Expert settings" the values "no
emulation", and tried with hex 0272 (that's what BBIE reports) as well as the
default setting of nero, wich is 07C0, and number of sectors to be loaded = 1.

I end up with DVDs, that either hang when "Trying to boot from CD/DVD" is
displayed in the POST chain, or after some seconds the CD/DVD boot is simply
skipped, proceeding with a regular boot process from HDD.

Anybody who knows how to create such a DVD, which is bootable?

Regards, Rudi.

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