Our symptom is the admin account is constantly locking out.
i.e on Colsole - 08-22-2006 8:50:01am DS-10552.79-269
Intruder lock-out on account .admin.Office.HQ

Looked around and noticed issue may be coming from Xtier because apache
error log shows: ... Time, Date [error] [client 192.168.#.#] (1)No such
file or directory: XTIER: client used wrong authentication
scheme 'Basic': /oneNet/xtier-login

That IP by the way is the Servers IP.

This shows at same time admin locks out.
Even when browsing in iManager, File Access (NetStorage), click on
Authentication Domains, it will kick up an Intruder lock-out for the

Most of users netstorage access ok with exception of certain

Thanks in advance for any help.