We ran a test migration on a stand alone network from a netware 5.0 to a
netware OES (latest download). We got this to woek and ironed out all the
bugs etc.

However, when I come to carry out the operation on the main network, I
cannot find the new tree etc. which I have created to log into. If I
remove the cabling and set up a standalone to the workstation, the tree is
found after 20 seconds. It looks like a networking card problem, but I
preseume that the correct intel drivers are selected during the install,
or is this the case? I have downloaded a driver set from the Dell website
and will try this tomorrow, but some Dell documentation says that the
correct drivers are in Novell 6.5. Do I need to carry out and upgrade to
the OES (version 3 shows when I type version at the console)?

Any ideas would be most welcome.