I've never used it, personally. Heres the scenario:
Dell PowerEdge server with a powervault connected. The powervault is
connected to the Perc 3/QC card externally. All 15 drives on the
PowerVault are configured as a Raid 5. This Logical Drive is its own
paratition/pool and volume (DMS2). Partition is about 1.8TB. We
recently bought a new Perc5 card with a new Powervault with larger
drives. My understanding is the 2TB partition limit is now gone with
the new perc card. So my thoughts were to set up this new
Powervault/Perc to "mirror" the current DMS2 one. Then when I have a
chance on a weekend or something, I can simply break the mirror and the
new powervault will take over.

Is this possible? Can someone explain how to do it? Software or
Hardware mirroring? Thanks in advance!
Server is Netware 6.0 Sp5, btw.