We recently converted from public IPs to private IPs. NW6SP5 Cluster
nodes and servers have static private addresses. We have a server setup
with FTP and NetStorage which we gave a static IP and mapped that static
IP to a public IP so that we can access remotely. FTP works fine, but
before moving to this private network we used VPN accounts to get SSL
connection to our servers thru NetStorage
e.g. https:/xxx.xx.x./oneNet/NetStorage, and now we cannot.

When I changed IPs for all servers I followed TID 10067853, edited files,
recreated ldap server object, etc.

I tried to do what is noted for NetStorage, but I don't quite understand
At server console i type: CDBE Edit on
then I type>

\my server\software\novell\xtier\configuration\xsrv\au thentication

and what i get back is:
"unknown command or syntax and >\my server is display in green.

Is this necessary to do so NetStorage can work? can anyone please
simplify what i need to do.

What ports are needed open for NetStorage? before we had port 80 open..
with a mapped public IP how does it exactly work??