I'm having a major problem. During install from a CD built from
nw65ossp5.iso, I get the "Novell 6.5" splash screen, then the "Select
language for installation" screen and then the whole job hangs and the
keyboard won't accept anything other than <ctrl><alt><del>.

I have installed the latest BIOS update from HP as suggested on their
Netware patches etc pages. I've tried formatting the DOS partition on the
main drive (72GB SCSI) with DOS 6.22 and the DOS that comes with Windows
98, or booting direct from the CD... All give exactly the same result. I'm
*still* waiting for an official media kit to turn up, my supplier is a tad
slow! I even tried an installation on Netware 6.0 from a "proper" CD and
got the same result.

The server is brand new, HP ProLiant ML150 G3, 1GB RAM, for testing I'm
just using 1 72GB SCSI HDD, 1 x CD, 1 x DAT...

Anybody any ideas?