OES (netware kernel) sp2
LSI MegaRAID SATA 300x8 controller
WD enterprise class SATA HDs

2 arrays
System - (2) HDs mirrored
Data - (3) 320Gig HDs RAID 5 with 1 320Gig Hotspare

The mirrored array has never given me a problem, but the RAID 5 array
degrades. We have replaced all of the HDs and still it degrades. We
replaced all the SATA cables and that hasn't helped.

The distributor has talked with a Novell Authorized Distributor to help
troubleshoot the issues I'm having. He mentioned many settings within
Netware that should be checked and set properly to stablize this system. I
think many of the setting were timing settings, but I wasn't there for the
discussion so I only know what the distributor told me.

Can anyone take a guess at what settings he might be talking about?

Daniel Blake
Milford Central School