At least that is what I surmise. I installed a server back in January. I
was called today about it not booting. I went over to their office and
the SYS volume would not mount. NSSMU shows all devices. NSSMU shows all
partitions. NSSMU shows the RAID 1 status. The status says 99% remirrored
on the SYS. The VOL1 is 100% remirrored. This is a two disk system. The
SYS pool is gone so that is why the SYS volume will not mount. Their data
volume (VOL1) seems to be intact. What is the best way for me to retrieve
the data? I have to get this server or at least the data ready to be
accessed my Tuesday morning. I made a personal guaranty. My idea was to
take an old drive and reinstall Netware. Then reattach the VOL1 drives to
see if I can retrieve data. Help would be greatly appreciated.