Received an error during the "Configuring Create Security Objects"
portion of the installation of NW 655.

During the install I authenticated to to the tree to add in the server
but, the account I authenticated with was not a tree admin (call it
temporary insanity).

The error was:
"There was an error during the W0 portion of the install. Error Code:
java.lang.exception: -672. Please see teh W0 log file W0Inst.log for
more information. Would you like to retry?"

Well, the log isn't helping me much. It looks like NMAS was not properly
installed as I can't get NFAP to work on the machine. And, it looks like
at least one KMO object that should have been created is not showing up
in C1.

From a command prompt should I type UNINSTALL EDIR, and then attempt to
reinstall edir to repair this 'damage'?