Help! I have tried many times, from different servers, to get the
updated SERVER.EXE for Netware 6.5 from this URL:

No matter if I select the "Download Cluster" or "Alternate Site", or use
Internet Explorer or Firefox, each time I download and extract the file,
I get:

Continue extraction? y
*** Verifying ARJ-SECURITY envelope ... Valid envelope!
0 file(s)
*** Valid ARJ-SECURITY envelope signature:
*** Novell, Inc. R#100026

Found 1 error(s)!

And the file size (1,373,281 bytes) is exactly the same here as it is shown:

What do you do next?

Is it truly a corrupt copy on Novell's side?

Thanks. --Michael

p.s. Direct network connection here--no proxy servers, etc.