Hello, I am attempting to setup web-accessable home directories through
apache and mod_edir. I have been following the instructions stated in TID
10090225 and everything seems to go along fine, however, upon testing, I'm
getting a page 404 in the browser. Furthur investigating and it seems
mod_edir doesn't obtain the user's home directory information.

Here's an example from the apache error logs:

[Thu Sep 07 15:47:05 2006] [notice] LDAP: Built with Novell LDAP SDK
[Thu Sep 07 15:47:05 2006] [notice] LDAP: SSL support unavailable
Attempting to create a server identity. Result Code: 0
[Thu Sep 07 15:47:05 2006] [notice] Apache/2.0.54 (NETWARE) mod_jk/1.2.14
configured -- resuming normal operations
[Thu Sep 07 15:47:34 2006] [warn] [client 152.13.xxx.xxx] could not find
home directory for user rwgorrel
[Thu Sep 07 15:47:34 2006] [error] [client 152.13.xxx.xxx] File does not
exist: SYS:/apache2/htdocs/~rwgorrel

This was done with the [Public] user and I've double checked the rights
assignment (outlined in the above TID). I've also attempted to set a
specific username/password in ApacheAdmin giving it temporarily an admin
user that has full edir rights to rule out a rights assignment issue....
the output was no different than the above.

can anyone offer some wisdom? it seems to be the ldap bind is successful
and the permissions are good, but yet its still not returning a home
directory value. we are accessing home directories remotely on a cluster
from the server running Apache, but accessing doesn't seem to yet be a
problem as apache doesn't yet even know where to look.