I think you might be right.....but I have bailed on the NW6.0 sp2 server
and moved over to one that I had waiting in the wings....NW6.5sp3
I got to a point that I could access both servers and copy my Groupwise
domain to the new server. After a lot of reconfig to bring back my
Bordermanager and Groupwise services, I got going again.

But now the 6.5 is acting up!!! But I think that it is still a memory
corruption due to file accesses. NW 6.5 sp3 with BM3.8 and GW6.5.1
running GWAVA 3.6 and SAV 9.0 on this server starts abending under use.
Abend.log shows failures in different NLMs each time. I have unloaded
Groupwise services and Antivirus and it still abends under Bordermanager
as the only service. Now I have BM unloaded and am just running as a
router. I am downloading NW65sp5 consolidated because I think that there
is an issue with filesys.nlm and hope that this pack will fix the very
rapid abends.

It seems to me that any NLM that accesses files can cause memory

Wait....just abended once as a plain router!.....
Anyway, I'll be back if the pack doesn't work.