I am planning to install Netware 6.5 SP5 on a clean box. This server is
replacing our main server Netware 6 SP3 . We have two branch offices and
one office that is connected to the OU. What would be the easiest way to
bring the new tree in to replace the old one?

Should I use Portlock to migrate the server information over to the new
metal box, then upgrade the OS to 6.5 SP5, and increase the volume size?

Should I install 6.5 on the new box first and migrate the info over?

I am not sure what services(slp, dhcp, etc.) are installed and configured
since there is no documentation. I inherit the setup as is.

I want to use straight IP. Will this affect the other offices that are
running both IP and IPX?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.