I tried to update a Netware 5.1 SP 7 Server to OES NetWare with the
Netware Deployment Manager (Remote Upgrade).
The Server Health Check Utility told me that everything was fine and the
Server was ready to upgrade. I started the Update and the files were
Some files needed several minutes to copy and at 98 % the Setup stopped
the file copying. There was high activity on the Harddisk, but the local
Volumes weren´t accessible. After some time the Setup claimed an I/O-Error.

Then I replaced the Harddisk an restored the Server from an Image I
created before (with Powerquest Drive Image) and rerun the Setup. But the
Error still occurs, this time at 46 %.

I set up a testserver with the Image I created and first the copy process
stopped at 46 % with high Harddisk-Activity, but after ca. 10 Minutes the
Copy-Process continued normally. This happened a few times, but the Update
finished normally. I replaced also the Harddisk of the Testserver,
restored the Image and rerun the Setup. This time I got again the I/O-

What could be the reason of that?
Is there perhaps any Driver issue of the Storage Adapter (ideata.ham)?
Or some incorrect set Kernel Parameters?

Please Help.
Thanks in advance!