Hi, I have a Netware 6.5 SP5a server that I've installed with
Netstorage. Going back, I'm configuring the options in Netstorage and
can't seem to get the "Public Dir Name" to work.

This option is supposed to create a shared public directory that's a
subdirectory in a user's home directory. The subdirectory is created,
but I'm not able to then access it as another user from a web browser.

The directions specify that I should be using
http://<servernameorIP>/oneNet/NetStorage/~username to get to this
shared directory. In IE I get prompted for a username/password, but
after authenticating I just get an error. In firefox, which works fine
with Netstorage otherwise, I just get an Error 404, Object not found!

Any help would be appreciated. There isn't much in the way of
documentation on this feature other than just "turn it on and it works."