I'm building a TED test environment in VMWare ESX which currently
consists of 1 x Linux OES SP2 server running eDirectory (Tree = ZFS-LAB)
acting as the TED Distributor and 1 x NW6.5 server running as a
TimeSource and the TED Subscriber.

I've built a new OES server (Tree = TEDLAB) with a view to setting it up
as a TED Distributor and I'd like to move the existing NW 6.5 server
into this new tree.

How do I do this? I'd like to allow the NW6.5 server to keep the same IP
and to continue acting as the TimeSource for the new OES server. I'm not
bothered about the Subscriber as I can reinstall all that.

Of course my other option is build a new Netware6.5 VM machine
duplicating the network settings and installing Time Source :)