The old server had 3.12, new server (Dell PowerEdge 830) has been set
up for Netware 6.5. Dell decided not to ship any printed manuals that
were requested so I went at in blindly. Can't screw up a system that
isn't installed, correct???

IIRC (talk about a short memory) I used the Dell Installation and
Server management CD to set up the DOS partition and Netware partition.
I am also using the hardware RAID 1, from what I read this will also
"raid" the DOS partition, correct? If need be, I can destroy
everything and set up a software RAID. Of course I would have to
manually set up a DOS (DR-DOS) partition on the other drive and copy C:
to D:.

The Netware installation (looks like I am only on 6.5 v3) went pretty
smoothly except for the weird error message when it could not find the
password on the floppy drive. Ended up that the freshly formatted
floppy went kaput on the first attempt to access it. Another floppy
and no problem.

I have copied some data over and tested out some simple scripts. I
also connected to the server VIA DOS 6.0. At first I forgot to install
the newer DOS client and although I could connect from the client I was
using for 3.12, let's just say stange anomolies occurred :0)

Hardware RAID (again RAID 1) shouldn't be a problem, correct? The
controller is a CERC 6 channel SATA RAID. Just had huge cuts so there
probably won't be more than 3 users on it at once ;-(

OZ, now trying to get the miniscule window sizes to take up more of the