Currently we have a NW6.5 sp5 (GUI screen now claims to be Novell Open
Enterprise Server) with Zen 7 in a single server network. Running on a
Dell Poweredge 1800 1gB memory with about 60 workstations/users maximum.
I understand that Netware can be installed as a no license server. We
have another server box laying around doing nothing. We also have
purchased Bordermanager, but haven't installed it yet, but since this is
a school we are feeling the need for it.

My questions are:

1. Can the unlicensed server be attached to the network, added to the
tree, and not cause problems (to be used as a lab/test
environment/nonproduction server)?

2. Could Bordermanager be installed/run from this server instead of the
main server (does Bordermanager use/require licenses or connections)?

3. Could I use the included Apache server (as an internal webserver for
courses), or does it require licenses for its connection(s).

4. We have a third party nlm that runs as an administrative database for
the school. I know it runs without requiring a login to the server as it
is currently on a (NW4.11) server that is ipx and all our workstations
are now tcp/ip only, so I assume it requires no license connections, and
should be ok on the unlicensed server. Does this sound right?

Does it makes sense to do any/all of this, or should I just stick it all
on the one main (the Dell described above) server?