I know I should probably ask a Novell rep, but if anyone knows the answer,
this is easier.
Years back we bought NW 6.0 with 150 licenses. We have maintained the
"upgrade protection" annually, but never installed any upgrades. When 6.5
first came out I downloaded the software, but failed to download the license
files. I couldn't upgrade at that time due to a mission critical app that
was unsupported by the vendor on NW6.5 (and it needs support). I have since
moved that app to its own server, so recently, my only excuse has been a
reluctance to mess with something that works and meets our needs. Due to a
need for new hardware, I am reconsidering upgrading. However, my customer
service center profile only has license files for NetWare OES. Will these
install on a NW 6.5 server if I choose not to move to OES?
If they won't I am fairly confident i can get Novell to send me 6.5
licenses, they've done it before.