I have a generic server, NW6 SP4, that had 3 SCSI drives, two of which were
mirrored(through Netware) and had the operating system, the third had data.
the main drive (have the dos boot partition) failed, I have the second one
intact, however I cannot boot the server from it obviously.
I read in a TID # 10017877, that I can start the installation on an
identical drive to the one that failed, choose"upgrade", which will
recognize the existing volumes and mount them all.
I followed that TID, however when it gets to the part asking for the
location of the previous installation for NetWare, it indicates as default
"c:\nwserver" which obviously doesn't have that directory, cause that
location would be on the new drive I just installed!!!!
Q: How do I get the installation process to recognize the other drive, and
point it to the "nwserver" directory?

Thanks in advance.