I know that this OPTIPLEX PC is not certified for Netware, but I tried
and run into problem. In my network I have three separate trees. Servers
of two of them sits on Gateway Pentium 4 PC. One runs NetWare 6 and
another Netware 6.5 with sp5. None of them has any problems.
The third server runs Netware 6.5 sp5 and sits on OPTIPLEX GX620 with
SATA hard drive and dual Pentium D processors. I can login into this
server from browser at Windows environment or with Client 3.4 in DOS
environment, but connection from Windows with Client 4.91 is not stable.
In most cases the message from Novell Security came The system could not
log you into the network. Make sure that your name and connection
information are correct. But they are correct just because I can connect
with the same information to iManager, iMonitor, Remote Console. I
reinstalled this OS a lot of times and in some cases Client 4.91 worked
properly, but as soon as I reboot W/S, it become impossible to restore
Did anybody tried the same PC?
Any ideas would be appreciated