Hi, moving to NW6.5 shortly, amongst other considerations is the file system
to use, and I can see from the various posts here that NSS is the preferred
method on all volumes (including SYS), is this correct?

One issue is that I'd rather when moving from NW5.1 to NW6.5 to do the
inplace upgrade, but doing this would keep all my present volumes as TFS?
Is there no option during the upgrade to convert them? How about once the
upgrade is done, I've seen some posts about VCU (I think) or some other
methods to convert already existing NW6.5 TFS volumes into NSS? What's this

The other option I saw mentioned was to do an across the wire upgrade to a
temporary machine, then move it back to the real server as NSS volumes.

Appreciate your comments, thanks in advance