I have a couple of questions. I have an old nw6sp3 server attached to an
old emc san. In moving my nw65 servers from the old emc san to the new emc
san I am simply breaking the fabric and putting a path to the new san and
then doing an nss mirror. Then I break the mirror and move the other path
to the new san and I am done. With my nw6sp3 box I am somewhat concerned
because the box is moving to new hardware too.

1. Is nss mirroring on nw6sp3 reliable?

2. If I do a mirror with nw6sp3 and then break it. And then move this lun
to a nw65 server will the nw65 read it reliably? Nothing happens to nw6
disk when you inplace upgrade right?

3. The new server is already installed with a different name and I plan on
renaming it to the old server when I get the old box decommited. I just
need to figure out how to get disk to it. Mirror the nw6 disk? Or even use
the consolidation utility?

I cannot use the migration wizard because it takes too much time. And yes
someone besides me is going to have to recreate about 30 printers. Thanks!