OK, before we even start, let me explain that I do not do this as a regular
thing. But special circumstances bring me to this point....

My client has an HP DL140 w/1 gb RAM that came with 2 80 Gb IDE drives and
NW 6.5 SP4 is installed and running. He has been attempting to backup with
AS over the wire of 11 sites without success. I then installed RSYNC on all
the remote servers and brought most of the data in to the central server
successfully until there was no more disk space. As the server is a 1u
unit, there is nno room to add space on second controller. So we bought 2
IDE 500 Gb drives and put those in and proceeded to install NW 65 SP 5 from
the overlay CDs. All went well in the installation and I was able to copy
files to server, create voumes during the install and move into the GUI
install screen. All went smoothly up to the point of inserting in to the
tree. Consistently fails communication at that point, i.e., unable to find
tree. The IP stack is loaded on the server and it can ping itself, but
nothing outside. Nor can outside ping in. I have gone through several steps
to verify the veracity of the NIC, cable and switch port and have
communicated successfully with other devices on the network. If i put the 2
80Gb drives back in, the original all works. Linux works on the same box.
Windows communicates using the address of the build.

So, does anyone know if there are restrictions on Disk size? I have
installed to IDE before in test lab.

Any help will be greatly appreciated..

Todd W Carter