Currently running NW51 and moving to NW65 ASAP (after training...).

In regard to licensing, I have several servers currently with their server
centric licenses, so I have one NW51 server with a server + 100 user
licenses, and another with a server + 50 license, and another with a server
+ 5 + 10 licenses, ... well you get the idea.

If I understand correctly the NW6.5 licenses are client centric, so you
purchase 200 client licenses and apply them to an NDS tree, and now in that
tree you can setup either 1 or 1000 NW6.5 server as you wish, and you can
have up to 200 clients logging into the tree into one or as many of those
servers as they like. Is this correct?

If so, then when I do the upgrade, and if my total licenses of all my NW5.1
servers totals 175, do I just purchase a 175 (or less if I don't need 175)
user upgrade to NW6.5? Are the server licenses themselves worth anything on
the upgrade?

Secondly, as not all my NW5.1 servers in the tree will be upgraded at the
same time (there may be a spread of 12 months), will the NW5.1 servers and
their users still be able to login even once I've applied the 175 NW6.5 user
license to the same NDS tree? Will the users who login to the NW5.1 in
their branch office still be able to access files and printers on the NW6.5
servers (require NDS auth to the NW6.5 server for this).

Finally, what I'm really looking for in the long term is to upgrade to NW6.5
now, and then expand to include SUSE Linux servers in the same tree, and
have users log into one or the other or both, or the Linux servers may just
be there for non-authenticated services, etc. Will the NW6.5 license and
media include the SUSE Linux license and media - think it's all referred to
as OES? So OES includes latest NW6.5 and latest SUSE Linux and you can
install either one as you wish, and have upto 175 users access either one
and as many servers as you want?

Thanks for your comments, cheers