Hi everyone,

I just want to share my experience installing Netware 6.5 on a brand
new Dell 2900. As usual I put in Novell's CD and let it boot to
install from it. I used sp 5 overlay and installation went without a
hitch. When it's completed, I rebooted the server as usual to bring it
up again. The server came back with error unable to find operating
system installed. I looked around and found out that Dell has not
officially license this server for netware 6.5. The open manage server
CD that came with it does not have Netware 6.5 as installable operating
system. I also found message in Dell forum which stated Netware 6.5 is
being dropped on their latest open manage server with no explanation or
reason whatsoever.

After unsuccesfuly looking for older open manage server with Netware
6.5 support, I created a bootable DOS CD to boot the server. After
booting to DOS, I ran server.exe manually and the server came right up.

Thinking what do to next, I decided to completely rebuild the server.
I blew up the array and recreated it using BIOS array manager. After
reinstalling netware, it's booting up normally.
The server seems to run fine and it has been up for almost a week.
It's running Mega_Sas.HAM for disk array and BX2.LAN for ethernet.

This is only a minor inconvinience, but it does raise question about
viability of Netware in the future. It seems more and more vendors
dropping support or at least delaying it for Netware.
Is Novell steering everyone to SUSE Linux as replacement for Netware ?
We have not looked it at all but we may have too pretty soon.