I'm pretty disgusted with the installation instructions. It's been quite a while since I had to mess with dos disks to set up the dos partition because normally the Netware install goes smoothly. However, this time (and I've tried twice) the boot partition comes up unbootable after a full apparently successful install. It's incredible to me that reference is made to preparing a DOS partition without apparently giving us any DOS software to do so. How long does Novell expect us to keep our DOS 6.22 floppies around anyway? Once upon a time the license disk contained boot files but I'm not starting a new tree and I don't need my license disk. What should I do? Of course I can pull out my DOS stuff, but it's the principle, you see. I was hoping there would be a sys.exe on the CD so I could try to make the boot partition bootable without another full blown reinstall, but if they use Caldera DOS, I'm assuming I'd need a Caldera version of the sys command. Correct? Besides, I can't even break out of the **** install program. Someone please set me straight; Novell can't be as far out in left field as it appears from my vantage point. Thanks.