I am not sure this is the right forum. I am currently working with the NDPS
group on a beta gateway to resolve some printer issues. Their latest one has
kicked my CPU up to 45 to 48 percent. They are aware of it and are looking
into it. This is a dual processor Xeon box. The system recognizes both
processors as installed. This box has sp5 on it. I was having users
complaining about some very sluggish responses to a library system that runs
as an NLM on the server.While investigating what threads were kicking the
cpu's up. I stumbled upon something very interesting. I discovered that what
was actually happening to the CPU's was that CPU 0 was at 98 percent give or
take and CPU 1 was at 1 to 2 percent. It seems that the CPU utilization
screen takes the total of 2 and divides by two. Very misleading. So what
would seem as a total system CPU utilization of around 45 percent is
actually one CPU doing all of the work. At what point does a Novell system
actually act like a dual system?