I have a NW5.1 server and I am trying to add a NW6.5 server to the tree.
(Preparation of NW5.1 tree for NW6.5 deployment has gone successfully)

- Now that I am trying to add this server to existing tree, NW6.5 install
program can not find my Tree. (There is another 4.11 based Tree which ,
install program sees but it belongs to another department and I do not have
anything to do with that)

- If I chose to show the NW5.1 tree using IP protocol address , it can find
the tree.

IPX protocol seems to be OK on my 5.1 (I see no IPX error on console and on
startup) so what can be the problem? Have I done anything on NW5.1 which
has caused its tree to only work on IP?

I will really appereciate your help.