OESSP2 NetWare6.5 SP5

After the installation of the products "Apache2 Admin Server", "Apache2
Web Server and Tomcat 4 Servlet Container" and "Tomcat 4 Admin Instance",
the Apach2 Admin Server donīt works.If I got the following announcements:

Apache2 Admin Server - mod_jk.log

[error] jk_ajp_common.c (1758):Error connecting to tomcat. Tomcat is
probably not started or is listening on the wrong port.
worker_ajp13admin failed

Apache2 Admin Server - startup.err

Syntax error on line 144 of sys:adminsrv/conf/admin.conf
Canīt find the workers file specified

But the line 144 is as follow:
Jk WorkersFile "sys:/adminsrv/conf/mod_jk/workers.properties"
I donīt find any syntax error and the file exists in the path.

Apache2 - mod_jk.log

[error] jk_ajp_common.c (929): sendefull returned -53 with error=53

What can I do? Can You help me?

Thanks Jaro.