I am looking for some advice or information. I currently have a 2
server network, one server is the file server with Groupwise, and the
other is the Bordermanager server with a web server. The other day
the local e-directory database on the BM server was corrupted. Now as
luck would have it because of other projects that we are preparing for
I have another machine that I could setup as a server.

This is were I am looking for advice/information. I am going to setup
the other machine as my BM server, should I set it up as another
server within my tree and then rename it after it is all setup or
should I set it up outside of my current tree and then when it is all
setup move it into my current tree. Or is there something completely
different to get it all back online. Any information/TIDs/etc would
be greatly appreciated.

Kyle Cleverly
Shipley Associates