This one also may be related to the zen 6.5 forum, but i will ask here as

We have an old server that needs retiring, it held the old zen
import/inventory stuff but we have a new server doing this job and its
been in some time.

When we switch off or pull the network cable on the old server (to see
who shouts) some workstations on login get the secondary (dlu) box up. Is
this related to replicas or ZEN?. I believe once the policies are
upgraded in NDS DLU runs from any server with a R/W replica on is this
correct?. There are no files on there, or anything else i can see why
they are getting the second windows box up. Their preferred server is the
new file server we have installed (in NDS), the volumes they used are no
longer mounted and that (whilst its connected) doesnt cause an issue.

Ive checked some of the clients that are doing this (not all are) and
they have another netware server set as preferred in the client but not
the one we are trying to disconnect.

I hope the above is clear and not confusing!.

Can anyone shed any light.