I've installed NW 6.5 SP5 with the Apache2/Tomcat4, iPrint, iManager options
turned on and everything else turned off. I can access iManager from my PC
(which has iPrint 4.20) and can create the Broker in iManager with
SRS/ENS/RMS all turned on and RMS set to the SYS volume. On the console I
can then load the broker and it all looks OK.

Then I go into iManager and select Manage Broker. I select my broker and on
the RMS tab I select Windows XP Drivers. The box displayed is empty. When I
click on "Add from File" or "Add from system" the browser (IE6) shows "Error
on Page" in the bottom left. Clicking on this tells me I have an error:

Line 170
Char 3
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code 0
URL https://myserver/nps/servlet/webacc

Obviously I've missed out something on the setup but can't work out what. I
suspect it might be a browser security setting, but has anyone else come
across this?