Hello All,

I just installed a new NetWare 6.5 SP5 server on our network. We
already have 8 other NetWare servers, two of which are also NetWare 6.5 SP5.

From our Windows 2000 and Windows XP workstations, running the Novell
Client 4.91 SP2 with post-SP2 Patch Kit C, the new server is not visible
under "NetWare Servers" in Windows "My Network Places" or in the
NetWare Resource Browser in the Novell Map Network Drive utility.

However, the server object and the volume objects ARE visible under
"Novell Directory Services" in both of those places, and if I browse to
one of the server's volume objects in the directory and map a drive to
it, the drive mapping operation is successful, and then the server
becomes visible under "NetWare Servers" in both of those places.

Also, if I set the new server as the default server in the Novell Client
advanced settings (on the eDirectory tab) when I log in, the login
script results have an error message "the specified server is unknown".
However, if instead of entering the server's name I enter its IP
address, then the login script reports "attached to server" as it
normally would, and then the server is visible under "NetWare Servers"
in Windows "Network Places" and in the Novell Map Drive utility.

The server does have a read-write replica of root on it, and is
communicating normally with the other 8 NetWare servers, as verified by
console messages on the servers and by running DSREPAIR at the new
server's console.

Also, we use the SYS:\ETC\HOSTS file on our BorderManager server for
internal name resolution. I added an entry for the new server
( MULAN). But if I try to "Ping MULAN" from my Windows
workstation, it fails. However, if I try "Tracert" it
returns the name "MULAN-W".

We have not experienced anything like this with our other NetWare 6.5

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is? I thought I would
try here before opening an incident with Novell.


Doug Percival, CNE
LAN Administrator
World Resources Institute
Voice: 202-729-7614
Fax: 202-729-7610
Email: dougp@wri.org