I am just about to put in place a Netware 6.5sp5 dual xeon server to
replace what we already have (a really old machine).

I will put in place some post SP5 updates etc. Server.exe etc - I beleive
there was some memory hogging issues and stuff like that.

A couple of questions. One regarding internal DNS also.

Some of these questions maybe easy to experienced novell people. (my
background is much more Linux based)

1, If I have a domain name (which you are practically forced to do on
install) say something .com. I beleive there is a command that stops
class C looking for a gateway. - either in the switch/router or netware.

I personally would prefer all IP serving duties to be done by a Linux
server not Netware (hence I am using a netware kernel mot SuSe).

For security reasons the internal network is entirely IPX based. This
leaves only the Windows client/workstations as vulnerabilitys really. I
will sort this out. Plus I can boot out IPX clients at certain times etc
and have am IPX firewall in place.

A few quickies,

1, On the new server I sometimes have to disable NMAS authentication to
get it to log in on the clients. Is it just a case of installing NMAS on
the host server to sort this?

2, When I login with IP (and it will only be me iniatally) it ask's about
the certificate. Something like Organization-CA none (cannot remember off
of the top of my head). Whereas I want the proper company listed etc

Any articles/advice about this that anyone can recommend ?

I appreciatte by not running there server with the full IP capabilities
to the clients, an awful lot is being missed out but that is what the
boss wants. It's probably the specialised nature of IPX/netware that
appeals to him. Few people know how to hack it wheras with Microsoft
stuff that's a different ball game.

Once again, advice/pointers/opinions etc are most welcome

Best Regards