We have a problem with one of our Netware 6.5 SP5 servers. Recently we
installed a new network core and we are upgrading all of our 100 Mb Nics to
1 Gb.

One server has a strange problem. When we install the card and plug in de
cable it says on the console that he has link at 1000Mbs Full Duplex,
however we are unable to ping te server, when we take the cable and put it
in the old card, the link comes up and the server is pingable.

I checked the network settings and they are identical to all of the servers.
The new Gb NIC is a broadcom.

Background info: This server is bugging us for a long time already. In the
early days when it was a NetWare 5.1, it wouldn't accept an Intel NIC, only
a Netflex worked, the rest of the servers worked like a charm on an Intel NIC.

So I don't think it is related to the NIC but somehow to Netware itself.

Does anyone have any tips or clues?