I'm in the process of upgrading all of our Netware 6 servers to 6.5 SP2.
The first server I tried, a Dell PowerEdege 6300, shortly after the
license agreement, the screen goes back to the server prompt. If I alt-
tab, I can go through the screens and see a hardware detect screen that
seems to be there forever. It never goes away. If I try to go back to
the GUI, I get a black screen and can't do anything else.

I'm new to this, so I was wondering what should I be looking for or what
can I do to see what is going on. I shut down all virus, backup and Zen
stuff running, but I get the same thing. Blue screen with hardware
detect and it never goes away.

I did a clean install with a Dell 2650 and had no problems, but this is
the first upgrade I'm doing.