Our network is divided into several VLANs. We have been using Netware 5.1
with IPX for a number of years and have just Installed a new Netware 6.5
box and a new tree with IP only. The server is installed with support
pack 5.

If a computer is on the same VLAN as the server it can find the tree just
fine by clicking on the browse button on the netware client. The problem
is ff the computer is NOT on the same VLAN they can't find the tree by
browsing for it. However they can still log into it just fine by using
its IP in the TREE field of the client. This is the latest version of the
Novell Client.

I have a feeling its is SLP but I don't have any experince setting up
Netware PURE IP in a multiple VLAN enviroment. Please Advise