Just out of curiosity, I wanted to ask where I could find statistics that
will show how many people uses Novell and how many people uses Microsoft
(SERVERS). The reason being is that, I work for a consulting company. I am
a Novell Certified Engineer from 4.1 to 6.0. Most of our clients are now
migrating to Microsoft. Out of 150 clients, 5 of them are using Novell.
And now, 3 of them wanted to migrate to MS. I know for a fact that Novell
is more secured than Microsoft. Just like the I Love You virus. That
didn't hurt Novell servers. Take patches as an example. Novell releases 1?
2? 18 patches in a year. On the other hand, Microsoft release billions of
patches everyday. I think Novell should start making their products crappy
to make it more controversial or, they should press on their sales people
to give it a boost.