We are tying to do a hardware upgrade migration from Novell 6.5 sp5 to a new OES NW box. Using the migration tool 8.1, when we start the migration (File copy) we get the wonderful Microsoft message "Sorry for this inconvenience) when we look at the error log I see:

************************************************** ***************
Start File System Copy
Project: 'C:\Documents and Settings\armstrog\My Documents\studentM004\studentM004.mdb'
Date: '10/18/06' Time: '15:32:20'
Operator: '.admin.MCC'
Source Tree: 'MWCSD'
Source Server: '.MCC-5.STUDENT'
Destination Tree: 'NEW'
Destination Server: '.MCCNEW.NEW'
************************************************** ***************

- An error occurred migrating the files. --- Error caused by a NetWare API error --- Network error: Volume invalid (Error code: 0X8998 Function Name: NWGetVolumeNumber)

************************************************** ***************
Process stopped date: 10/18/06 Time: 15:32:40
Elapsed time: Days: 0 Hours: 00 Minutes: 00 Seconds: 20
************************************************** ***************

Not sure if this is referring to the source or destination server.

On the workstation:

AV off
file cashing on Novell client off

The source server NW6.5.sp5
Dsrepair okay - time sync okay

Destination server:
SLP working so NEW tree (NEW) and new context (NEW) can be seen
Time is in sync

HELP! :')

George Armstrong
Network Coordinator
Monroe-Woodbury CSD
Harriman, NY