Hi @all!

Im planning the Update of 2 Servers from Netware 5.1 SP 7 to Novell OES.
We have Cluster Services running und use a Fibre Channel SAN (HP
Rackstorage 12 FC) with HP D8602A FCHBA's).
One of a Server should be updated via over the wire migration, the other
via remote upgrade using Netware Deployment Manager.

I have a question about mounting the shared NSS Volumes after upgrading.
In Netware 5.1 the NSS Options are configured using NWCONFIG, I have here
NSS Storage Options where I can assign Ownership for free Space and I have
Volume Options, where the Volumes can be defined.
In Novell OES I use NSSMU where I can define Partitions, Pools and Volumes.
Whats the difference and how is ensured, that OES recognizes the old
NW5.1 NSS Volumes?

Thanks in advance!