Dear Colleagues,

Once upon a time I was a command line junkie but I got addicted to mice and
all the joys that go with it.

I got hold of a the Novell Neware 6 Demonstration kit for "Digital Airlines"
Its disc 6C and I cant wait to get things set up and running to play and
learn, learn and learn some more.

The actual installation from the CD looks pretty idiot proof. I mean, there
are not many options and the machine is a PIV with a Tyan Trinity
motherboard with an award software, the version of which I am not entirely

Here is my problem.

The install goes fine and dandy and apparently all is installed the way its
supposed to on two hard disk drives so far. One a 6gig, the other is a
17gig drive. I even wrote zeros to one of the drives based on some of the
stuff that I read and ran fdisk as a measure of overkill to make sure that I
had eliminated any traces of Microsoft from this machine.

When the machine starts up, this is the error message that I get

"Insufficient extended memory below 16 MB to run Netware 6. (at lease 5 MB
of free extended memory below 16 MB required)"


I know that it may have something to do with my adding a few lines to the
autoexec or config.sys files but I am lost in that regard. Like I said,
this command line stuff is not my strength and I wish that Novell had
created and QA'd their product in such a way that would eliminate these

Any help would be appreciated.


Walt Ellena

Ps. Do I need to install DOS 6.22 on this box as well?????? Before I do a
thing with Netware? I don't see any references to DOS on this box at all??
No directories, etc - futyhrtmote, even if I puty Dos on this box, the
install cd will intialize the thing. so what do I do. The documentation
seems to be of very little help./