Hi folks,

This started out I was just looking for something I could use in newtare
that our techies could use to publish tech documents into a kb. As it
happens, I am also trying to put together some sort of efficient portal
for the school and am looking at what tools I have in netware to
accomplish that.

Seemed to be that extend was needed for publishing the html to the kb
and that it had some other nice features that could be used as the
portal (but it's not clear exactly what parts of Extend were bundled
with NW6.5).

Then in trying to find that info, I came across Virtual Office, which
also seems to be what I'm looking for in both cases.

COnsequently, I'm more confused than usual, and thought I'd go to the
experts for some advice on (a) setting up the KB using Novell components
and (b) the portal.

Also, if somebody can enlighten me on what Extend features are available
with 6.5 (looks like just the Director, which may or may not be useful
on its own) and it has diappeared off the NW6.5SP5 product CD although
it's on the original.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.

-- Ken
Ken McLeod
The Delphian School