I am trying to install NW 6.5.4a on an older PowerEdge server. Can I access
the C:\NWSERVER to add a driver file during installation from CD (NW

I used the Server Assistant from Dell to partition the SCSI drives and load
the drivers to get NW started. (also tried it without the SA, thought that
might put the right drivers in the folder if I used their assistant, nope)
Everything loads until I get to the drivers section, and it loses the CD
ROM. I've had this issue in the past, but only during an upgrade. I was
able to copy the correct drivers (AHA2950.HAM and .DDI) to the
C:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS directory and the install continues. But I have wiped
the drives clean (old server that I am trying to re-install NW on) and I
cannot get the correct drivers installed or copied.

I put them on a Floppy, and tried INS to pull them from the Floppy, but it
says searching and then on the "Select a driver for each storage device in
this server" it's just blank.

Is there a way to exit here, copy the drivers over to the correct directory,
and then resume the set up without having it format the drive/partition

I am going crazy trying to figure this out, any help would be GREATLY