I've had a rare stroke of luck apparently hit me recently. We just ordered
three new SATA Proliant servers with the HP 6 Port SATA RAID Controller (A
couple ML150 G2's and an ML350 G4p). I just assumed HP had Netware drivers
for them when I ordered them, but once I went to use the SmartStart install
I quickly noticed the SATA RAID controller was NOT supported under Netware
and it wouldn't let me do a scripted install. I went to HP's site and sure
enough the only drivers were for Windows and Red Hat or SUSE Linux. About
this time I'm thinking I'll be installing OES on Linux, but for kicks and
giggles I get out my 6.5 install cd with SP5 integrated and do an install.
The install works and it loads the Adaptec AACRAID.HAM driver for the SATA
RAID controller (which I believe uses and Adaptec chipset anyway). So far,
everything works fine and I haven't had any trouble using 4 250GB SATA
drives in a RAID 5 array. Of course, I haven't deployed the server or had
it used extensively yet so I can't comment on any disk errors I may get, but
so far so good. Thought I'd let people know.

Greg Wurst
Network Manager
Miamisburg City Schools