I will be migrating 6.0sp5 to 6.5sp5 on new hardware. My current
configuration is two mirrored (via hardware) 72GB drives, divided into a 4GB
DOS partition, an 8GB SYS volume and a 58GB DATA volume.

The new server has five 146.8GB drives in it. I was planning on setting up a
RAID 5 config and using 1GB for the DOS partition, 16GB for the SYS volume
and the remaining space (about 560GB or so) for my DATA volume.

Is there any reason I shouldn't include the SYS volume in the RAID 5 array
(I read something about problems when the SYS volume is spread across
multiple drives, or is that just referring to "spanning" the SYS volume
across multiple drives)?

Also, is there any reason my DATA volume should be broken down into smaller

Is there any reason I should configure the RAID from within NetWare instead
of at the hardware level?

Thanks in advance