We have a NetWare 6.5 SP5 server running on a Proliant ML350 G4p with the latest Proliant PSP.

I found an apparent 2nd IP address assigned to this server while reviewing HP's Insight Manager (IM). I saw an IP address in IM that had no host name associated with it, yet IM reported it as a server.

The Novell server's IP address is:
The 2nd IP IM is showing for the same server is:

If I browse to - It goes to the server's OES/6.5 home page.

If I go to - the browser goes to the same server's ( OES/6.5 home page.

HP Insight Manager port: If I browse to - it actually goes to the server and displays its HP Device Home Page.

Remote Manager port - if I browse to - it works fine. If I browse to I get a 'The Page Could Not Be Displayed' message.

So, the server has a 2nd IP address registered somewhere, but I can't find it. Remote manager doesn't show the .22 in the IP Mgmt section. I've gone thru the hosts, hostname, inetcfg binds, autoexec for secondary addresses... Config shows 1 IP bound/configured. We verified the DNS server has only one record with the correct IP address. I can ping both addresses. If I run a trace to from a router, it traces to the 'good' IP address -, never showing the .22 at the end.

Any suggestions of where to look?

Thanks - April